POWASERT® screw feeders are either applied together with handheld screwdrivers or with stationary advancing units for the insertion of screws into wood, plastics and metal. They are available in different designs.

The product line POWASERT® also comprises of stationary screwdrivers, screw distributors, control systems for the installation in customized units as well as spare- and wear parts like bits, bit holders/extensions, adaptors, jaws and others.
Balancers and tool racks in light and heavy design, which facilitate the workers’ handling of our handheld screwdrivers and of other tools, belong to the product range as well as the maintenance and repair of our clients’ systems.

The screw feeders and screwdrivers are individually customized for the client’s requirements by various nose pieces, jaws, picker bars, depth sensor and other special components available.