Since more than 50 years POWASERT® screw feeders/screwing systems are manufactured in Germany, being continuously improved and adjusted to the market requirements.

plakatA0POWASERT® stands for precision, reliability and quality in the field of pneumatically operated, automatic and manual/semi-manual screw drivers. Regardless of whether mobile stand-alone unit, screw feeder, screwdriver or individual component to be integrated into client-specific operations – we deliver the leading products: for the application in the industrial manufacturing of furniture, windows, and doors, for the production of household appliances, for the automotive industry as well as for many other applications, where screws of identical measures are processed in large quantities.

POWASERT® screw feeders were originally developed by the Deutsche Vereinigte Schuhmaschinen GmbH (DVSG/USM), Frankfurt Main. The development was inspired by a nail feeder and drive by impact device, which had been incorporated in a machine for the manufacturing of leather shoes. What works with nails should work with screws! Bit by bit screw feeders, screwdrivers and stationary screwdrivers were constructed.

Fotos_Powasertmontage_um-1960In connection with the development and market launch of insulating glass and the thereby changing manufacturing of wood- and later plastic-framed windows a new field of application emerged for POWASERT® screw feeders and screwdrivers. They were modified for this special purpose and have contributed to a great extent to the further development of the fixing of fittings and reinforcement. In the course of this modification the first stationary screwdriver advancing unit to fix the reinforcement in PVC profiles was developed.

Persisting high quality, low fault susceptibility – even under extreme environmental conditions – as well as the long life time of the POWASERT® screw feeders’ tilting system have proven successfully over the decades. The high standards and the durability of POWASERT® products are safeguarded by our internal quality assurance system.