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Bit Holders

Bit holder with collar and ¼ inch hexagon ADS-1469RD (ADS-1469) – 175 mm length Bit holder with ¼ inch hexagon ADS-294 – 83 mm length ADS-2003RD – 88 mm length…


Lifting cylinder: ADS-2240RD ADS-2240RDB ADS-1572RD ADS-1462RD Please contact us: info (at)  

Spring balancer

spring balancer infinitely weight counterbalanced suspension of the tool ideal for assembly areas, e.g. when using straight handle screwdrivers rest position adjustable by rope clamp Other load capacities on request.


With screw thread 10-32 UNF-2A (thread measured in inches, total length 45 mm) Phillips cross-head Torx 6-point-star-shaped pattern Pozidriv cross-head Hexagon, Hex Assy Vielkant With ¼ inch hexagon, different lengths…


For almost all standard Spax-screws For almost all standard drilling screws For almost all standard drilling screws Special dimensions on request

Screw delivery hoses

Screw delivery hose (both ends can be widened on demand) e. g. DVZH-4364RO – 7 x 11 mm DVZH-4067RO – 8 x 13 mm DVZH-4371 RO – 8 x 15…