Benennung Teil
 blow-off body 1
 heating jacket on body 1.1
 spring bonnet 2
 seat 3
 heating jacket on seat 3.1
 inlet flange 4
 seat flange 5
 disc 6
 guide 7
 piston 8
 intermediate bottom 8.1
 bellow 8.2
 spindle 9
 ring, two-parts 10
 rebound plate 11
 stop sleeve 12
 plate 13
 spring retainer above 14
 spring retainer below 15
 spring 16
 pressure screw 17
 cap 16
 allen screw 19
 engineering studs 20
 hexagon nuts 21
 socket head cap screw 22
 hexagon head bolts 23
 axial-ball bearing 24
 seal ring 25.1
 O-ring 25.2
 seal ring 25.3
 seal ring 25.4
 seal ring 25.5
 seal ring 25.6
 seal ring 25.7
 external retaining ring 26
 foil 27
 hexagon head screw plug 28
 hexagon head set screw 29
 hexagon nut 30
 inductive response control 31
 distance piece 32


Inserting/changing the membrane (foil)
Unscrew the threaded plug (28), screw the retaining screw (29) with its nut (30) through the cap (18) into the spindle (9) and make the nut finger-tight. Loosen the screws (20, 21) at the bottom of the housing and remove the valve seat (3) and cone (6).
The lead seal is to remain in position.

It is best to have the valve lying horizontally before inserting or changing the foil.
The old foil must be removed carefully. The surfaces between which the foil is stretched must be very clean and undamaged. Fit the new foil into the valve, insert the valve seat (3) and cone (6) (be careful to avoid damaging the foil) and fix it in place, adjusting the nuts (21) by hand. Then tighten the nuts in opposing pairs with 1/4 turns until the foil sits snug and evenly tensioned. Remove the retaining screw (29) from the cap and insert the threaded plug (28).