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Model ADS-2070RD is a screwdriver advancing unit for installation in customized units. It is possible to insert screws into wood, plastics and metal, e. g. hardware fixing (window production) or to fix the reinforcement in PVC profiles.

Exact reproducibility of screwdriving position by linear guide free from backlash.
–     Workpiece height (screwing level) can vary up to 35 mm.
–     Constant screwdriving depth for all materials independent of the workpiece height due to the automatic depth of drive control.
–     To be connected to pneumatic control model ADS-1600RD. When using the customer’s own control unit the pressure regulator ZH-11128R for the ejector cylinder is necessary.
–     To be connected to screw feeder model ADS-UF.

Screw dimensions
Head diameter: 5,0 – 9,0 mm Max. speed: 1200 min -1
Shaft diameter: 2,4 – 4,5 mm Max. power: 120 W
Length: 10 – 45 mm Min. torque: 4,2 Nm

Special dimensions on request

Special version:

  • Screwdriver advancing unit ADS-2070RDK (compact version): The advancing cylinder is mounted on the side of the screwdriver advancing unit
  • Screwdriver advancing unit with adjustable friction clutch model ADS-2140RD

Special equipment:

  • Depth sensor (ADS-1968RD) for screws to be inserted in narrow grooves (icon_pdf DOWNLOAD PDF)


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