The screw distributor model ADS-2280RD is only to be installed in customized units.

Screw dimensions   
Head diameter: 5,0 – 9,0 mm
Shaft diameter: 2,4 – 4,5 mm
Length: 10 – 45 mm

Special dimensions on request

The screw distributor ADS-2280RD is designed for the following applications:

  • Alternating use of 2 screws of different length with one screwdriver advancing unit and screw feeding by 2 screw feeders model ADS-UF with changed separation process, screw choosing is done right before the screwing process
  • Alternating supply of 2 screwdriver advancing units by one screw feeder model ADS-UF

Special equipment:

  • Pneumatic control system for the screw distributor


Found in Productgroup: Components