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Model ADS-SE1/2W is a stationary screwdriver advancing unit with integrated screw feeder to insert screws optional with 2 varying lengths into wood, plastics or metal, e. g. to fix the reinforcement in PVC profiles.
  • ntegrated screw feeding system with automatic start of the hopper movement when operating
  • Screwdriving unit vertically fixed to the stand (distance 145 mm)
  • Workpiece height (screwing level) may vary between 35 and 95 mm above the base plate
  • Constant screwdriving depth for all materials, independent the workpiece height due to the automatic depth of drive control
  • Manual operation by treadle (alternatives on request)
  • Selection between 2 varying lengths of screw by toggle switch
  • Screwdriving cycle time to insert one self-drilling screw (3,9 x 19 mm) for reinforcement fixing approx. 2 seconds
  • Feed capacity 30 to 80 screws per minute depending on screw dimensions.
Screw dimensions
Head diameter: 6,0 – 9,0 mm Max. speed: 2400 min -1
Shaft diameter: 3 – 4,5 mm Max. power: 360 W
Length: 13 – 45 mm Min. torque: 5,9 Nm

Special dimensions on request

Special equipment:

  • Horizontal clamping device (ADS-2390RD) for profiles, continuously adjustable (icon_pdf DOWNLOAD PDF)
  • Depth sensor (ADS-1968RD) for screws to be inserted in narrow grooves (icon_pdf DOWNLOAD PDF)


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