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Model ADS-UF is a screw feeder used together with a handheld screwdriver to insert screws into wood, plastics and metal. It is furthermore applied in connection with pneumatic control and a stationary screwdriver advancing unit for installation in customized units.
  • Automatic start of the hopper movement when operating
  • Feed capacity 30 to 80 screws per minute depending on screw dimensions
  • Air supply of the handheld screwdriver by screwdriver advancing unit integrated in the screw feeder

Screw dimensions:
Head diameter: 5,0 – 10,0 mm
Shaft diameter: 2,4 – 5,0 mm
Length: 10 – 55 mm

Special dimensions on request


  • Due to changed separation process the screw can directly be fed before the screwdriving operation and can be retained by the the air jet. Therefore operations are possible with the screwdriver raised upward

Spare Parts:

  • Spare Parts, Bit’s (e.g. ADS-251), extensions and hoses please use our “contact form
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