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Mounting Table with Roller Conveyors

Mounting table with roller conveyors for stationary screwdriver advancing units.

Mounting Table (ADS-2330RD)

Height: 850 mm, Length: 680 mm, Width: 680 mm

  • Tabular frame construction for installation of screwdriver advancing unit ADS-SE1/1, ADS-SE3/1, ADS-SE1/1L, ADS-SE1/2W or ADS-DE1/1
  • Support rollers fitted directly next to the screwdriving unit ensure quick and save transport of profile
  • Due to adjustable stand the mountain unit can also be installed on uneven surface

Roller Conveyor (ADS-2320RD)

Height: 850 mm, Length: 1000 mm, Width: 380 mm

  • Optionally available
  • The width of the transport rollers is 300 mm and the distance between the rollers is 220 mm
Found in Productgroup: Stationary Screwdrivers